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Reminds me of Matisse occasionally e.g.

‘Glimmer’ is the one I saw, included on this page:

Matisse in Nice: through an open window

Matisse pictures and info

That's How The Light Gets In

Matisse, The Bay of Nice, 1918The Bay of Nice, 1918

We arrived in Nice for a long weekend to celebrate my birthday just as a summer-long tribute to Matisse was drawing to a close.  Nice 2013: A Summer for Matisse brought together many of the city museums to celebrate the artist who chose to live in Nice for more than thirty years.  2013 also marked the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Musee Matisse in Nice.

Next door to our b&b on the Promenade was the Hotel Beau Rivage, the place where, on Christmas Day in 1917, Matisse first took a room in Nice and where he made the first of the countless paintings he produced during the forty-odd years he lived in Nice (with only a short period in nearby Vence during the war to escape the threat of bombing) until his death in 1954 at his last home, the Hotel Regina on…

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Angela Findlay, artist

The original article about Angela Findlay, in The Artist, which attracted my attention, is here:
Three of her paintings which are good for the theme, ‘Inside out’ are here:

‘Gardening in bare Feet’
‘Thoughts do fly’
‘I lived in the garden to grow my thoughts’
Some other paintings:

‘Interior with gold’
‘Untitle (with stairs)’
She has also painted with mud and sand, some lovely sky-scapes which look almost Turner-esque:

Other interests:

A 5 minute introduction by Angela Findlay to her talks on Art and prison offenders:

As a child of a German father and an English mother, she talks about The other side: The Second World War through the eyes of an ordinary German family.
This is a brief video in which a quiet breakfast is disrupted:

Her blog is on WordPress.

Mary Fedden, artist

Mary Fedden – Guardian obit here:

Karen is a big fan, and I can see the connection in their styles.

Some I particularly like on the BBC site are: